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We hope you find the following FAQs informative:

What time does the school day start?

Day children should be in school by 8.10 am, Monday – Saturday. They start the day with either Assembly, Form Period, Congers (hymn practice) and on Saturdays at 8.30 am there is a Chapel service which parents are very welcome to attend.

What time does the school day end?

Children in Year 3 finish at 4.30 pm, every day except for Wednesdays when they finish at 4.00 pm. Year 3 do not attend school on Saturdays.  From September, the rest of the Prep School, Years 4 – 8, will finish at 6.00 pm, after prep.

Where do I pick my child up from at the end of the day?

Please meet your children either outside their classroom or in the corridor by the ICT rooms.

Where do I bring my child on their first day?

New children (day and weekly boarders) to the school who are entering years 4-8, arrive at the later time of 10.00am. Children and their parents should come to the main entrance of the school from where they will be guided to the loggia for coffee and a chance to meet other parents and staff. Children will then be taken by their ‘Substances’ to their classroom. Year 3 children go direct to their classrooms where they will be met by their form tutors. All children can bring their pencil cases and games kit with them on the first morning of term, or they may drop them off the day before if they know where to take them to. 

Which uniform should my child wear in September, when they return to school?

Children return to school wearing the winter uniform. Summer uniform is worn in the summer term only. 

Who should I contact at school regarding various matters?

For academic or pastoral issues your first point of contact should always be your child’s Form Tutor.

For an appointment with the Headmaster, ring his secretary in the school office or email: 

For medical matters contact the Matrons:

For any boarding enquiries please contact Mr Chapman (   01635 267809) for matters concerning boys boarding and Judi Legon (   01635 267808) for girls boarding.

For any other questions contact the school office:  (   01635 268242)

How can I email either the Staff or children at school?

All email addresses are surname followed by initial


The school office is for general enquiries.

To email the Headmaster please use or for Mrs Harris .

How do I contact the school after school hours?

There is always a Duty Master or Mistress who will have a duty mobile phone which you can ring after 5.00 pm – 07769 910050. Please don’t email the Office if you are late or unable to collect a child.

Who should I contact if my child is ill or to get permission for an appointment?

If your child is absent due to illness, please RING the School Office – 01635 268242, before 9.00 am. If you have to make an appointment to take your child out of school during school hours please email the Headmaster – – for permission and let the office know for the diary.

Who should I notify if my child has any allergies?

Please let the matrons know and they will notify the kitchen and other staff. It is important we have this information before your child starts in the school and it is noted on their medical forms. Any medicines should be handed to the matrons to look after and administer. 

What stationery should my child bring?

We issue a suggested list of items for children to include in their pencil case. You can find a copy of this list under the Parents/Uniform section of our website.  This is just a guide and we have a school shop, known as ‘the Bank’ which is open every day during morning break for the children to visit. Any items bought from the Bank are added to your school bill.

How often do the children do exams?

School exams are held twice a year in the autumn and summer terms. In addition, Year 8 sit Mock Common Entrance exams in the autumn and spring terms.

Do children do prep at school?

Year 3 children take their prep home to do. Year 4 and 5 do prep from 5.30 pm to 6.00 pm and years 6, 7, and 8 do prep from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm. There is no prep on Wednesdays or Saturdays due to matches.

How do I access my children’s reports?

Reports are emailed to parents at the end of every term. 

What sports do the children play?

Boys play football and rugby in the autumn and spring terms and girls play hockey and netball. In the summer term the team sport for boys is cricket and rounders for the girls. In addition to these team sports children can also swim in the outdoor pool during the summer term and there are cross country running meetings in the spring term and tennis and athletics in summer.

How do I know if my child is in a match?

Teams are selected during games the day before a match. Team sheets are posted on the match boards in the ICT corridor for parents to see the evening before a match and are also published on our website the evening before.  If your child is leaving an 'away' match with another parent, please notify the school office or form tutor in advance.

If my child is off games, can they go home early after lunch on Wednesdays and Saturdays?

 If there is a long-standing injury and only with the Headmaster's prior permission.

My child enjoys music – what is available, musically?

The children are encouraged to play instruments and they can have instrumental music lessons at school, as well as singing lessons. They also have a chance to try out different instruments in music lessons. There are opportunities for children to sing in our many choirs: Junior and Senior choirs, and our Chapel Choir. There are also various instrumental groups, together with our Jazz Band and Orchestra. Every year we have a Division music competition in which every child takes part. Every other year the senior school puts on a musical and the juniors have regular music and drama ‘showcases’ for parents to come and watch. Any musical enquiries, please contact our Director of Music, Mr Tim Bennett, direct.

Can my child bring in a cake on his/her birthday?

Day children may bring in a cake on their birthday, to be shared with the children in their form. This must be given to the form tutor and we ask that parents be mindful of children with allergies. Boarders may bring in a birthday tea to be shared with their friends, but we ask that not too many sweet treats are given! This should be given to the Matrons on the day. 

Do the children have ‘tuck’ at school?

An item of tuck is given, once a week, to children who board 4 nights a week or more. All children are given a ‘tuck voucher’, worth one item of tuck, on their birthday.

Who should I contact if my child wants to start boarding?

For boys boarding, please contact Mr Chapman (

For girls boarding, please contact Judi Legon (

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