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Our main aims are to develop a lifelong love of reading, and to encourage our pupils to use all available resources to access information and enrich their knowledge.

The recent refurbishment has created a vibrant and attractive space where all pupils are welcome to come to borrow books, to read, to study and to relax.   

We have an ongoing programme of investment in new resources, both fiction and non-fiction titles, for all ages and reading abilities, and our aim is to keep informed about new and exciting publications and authors to ensure that the resources in the Library are up-to-date, and encourage our pupils to read.  We regularly invite authors to visit and talk to the children about their books.  We have something for everyone, including short stories, poetry, biographies and graphic novels.  We are always grateful for recommendations from the pupils, so please urge them to let us know when they have read a book they particularly enjoyed!

We also subscribe to a large number of magazines covering a wide range of topics (Rugby World, How It Works, BBC Wildlife to name a few), and a weekly newspaper called First News, which is full of interesting articles.  Competitions and events such as quizzes and author visits are held each year to maintain the library profile (see the information section of this website).

The computer system we use in the library has an interactive area for pupils where they can view their own reading history, search for books, read peer reviews and watch videos of author interviews.  They can also see details of new arrivals to our shelves, catch up on the latest library news and check out the most popular titles or the “Book of the Week” recommendation from the Librarian.

As well as continuing to improve the physical library catalogue, we are expanding our e-book selection.  Using their personal borrower number, pupils can download titles at any time, at school, at home, even on holiday, on to computers, mobile phones and tablets using our easy-to-use website.

Library Noticeboard

World Book Day

This year we held a quiz which challenged the pupils’ library skills. The task included locating and identifying resources from both the fiction and non-fiction sections, finding material in some of the magazines to which we subscribe, and answering questions based on the library environment.

Credits were awarded to all the entrants, and our winners each won a £5 book token.  

Summer Holiday Reading Challenge

The Summer Holiday Reading Challenge will be set again this year, during which pupils will be asked to read a minimum of five books during the long break. All pupils completing the challenge will be awarded credits, and there will be prizes for exceptional achievement.

The reviews and recommendations made will be used to help with future book selections.

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