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Cheam has two dedicated ICT suites and every classroom in the Prep School has an interactive whiteboard, projector and computer.

Years 3-5 have two ICT lessons per week while Year 6 has one lesson each week.  In their lessons the children will develop their skills in the major applications of Word Processing, Desk Top Publishing, Spreadsheets, Databases, Presentations, Film Making and Graphics.

Subject teachers will take their classes into the ICT Suites for computer-based work as part of their curriculum.

Acceptable Use Policy for Computers

The following AUP will be explained to the children in their first ICT lesson of the year. They will then be asked to sign and date a copy which will be kept in a folder and produced if they break any of their promises. It will be explained to the children that, depending on the offence, there are various courses of action which may be taken, for instance, loss of email, internet or general computer privileges for a period, debits, or referral to their Form Tutor or the Headmaster.

I promise not to:

  • Log on using somebody else’s details
  • Allow anyone to use my log in details
  • Cause any damage to any of the computer equipment by misuse
  • Create folders or files with unsuitable names
  • Print any documents or pictures that are not suitable for use in school
  • Print more than one copy of a document or picture without permission
  • Waste paper or ink by printing things that are not necessary
  • Use the computer to view unsuitable information, pictures or films
  • Tell others about unsuitable web sites or files
  • Use the Internet during the day without permission
  • Play games on the computer before the end of the school day
  • Send nasty emails to other people
  • Enter my school email address on any web site I may visit
  • Forward chain emails
  • Use email to be nasty about someone else
  • Eat or take any sweets, food or drink into the Computer Room

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