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It is important to create regular opportunities for children to perform pieces that they have learnt to their friends and to the wider school community.

This develops skills and confidence in performing.

Every term, we dedicate curriculum time to what we call Performance Week, an opportunity to hear all the children play their instruments in class.

We also create opportunities on a weekly basis for children to play to a wider audience in Assemblies/Chapels, which alternate between Full and Senior/Junior. At each occasion there is plenty of opportunity for sharing music in a safe and a supportive environment. It is important that initial performances occur within the right context and that they are a positive experience.

The instrumental teachers support these performances by helping to prepare the music and submitting names when a child is ready to perform. Often when a specific form takes on the responsibility for an Assembly, musicians from that form are encouraged to share their music. These performances are warmly received by the musician’s peers and are responded to very positively by the Staff involved in the Assembly, which is led by the Headmaster.

Children who perform solos in the public arena are normally awarded with Performance Awards (PAs).

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