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Cheam Boarding - Independence, friendship and fun

At Cheam we provide a modern boarding experience which is tailored to you and your child's needs. From Year 4 onwards we offer either weekly boarding or the very popular flexi-boarding system. We have a fun and relaxed environment where the children can feel safe and comfortable whilst experiencing what boarding is all about. The boarders have the use of the wonderful facilities of the school and are royally looked after by the staff of the boarding community.

So why choose boarding?

At Cheam we are preparing your child for their future senior school which will probably be full boarding. The transition to a much larger school can be daunting so making sure that your child is happy with boarding takes a great deal of pressure off everyone. We can provide this invaluable experience and we advise that your child has at least one academic year of weekly boarding before they leave Cheam.

What are the advantages of being a boarder?

We believe that being part of the boarding community develops confidence, community spirit, independence, social skills, respect for others, self-motivation, responsibility and can explore a wide range of interests. Boarders feel that when they board they have a great social life, enhanced education, close relationship with their family, have friends for life, have greater access to school facilities, good working relationship with teachers and a wide variety of activities available.

Our web pages will give you a flavour of what we get up to. There is lots of information for you to digest and photos for you to look at. Whether you live near or far, we are the school that delivers a boarding experience which is the best for your child.

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