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Within the department the fundamental aim is to provide each child with a sound understanding of the basics of the French language and culture, relative to his or her ability, in preparation for passage into their respective senior school.

This is achieved via a rigorous learning process where the highest standards are expected. All members of the department are committed to giving as much of their time as possible to ensure the linguistic understanding and happiness of their pupils. By the end of their time at Cheam, all pupils should feel very confident in their relative ability in the French language.

Other relevant information:

  1. All children are taught in forms until Year 5, where they break to three sets for the purpose of more effective differentiation. In Year 6, this is developed further via the addition of a fourth set.
  2. It is expected that all members of the department will teach using the target language, but no child should ever feel confused as to how aspects of the language work. It is, therefore, envisaged that English will be used at times, particularly in the teaching of more complex grammar points.
  3. Every child should visit France with the school at least once. Every member of the department is expected to assist in the running of one of the two annual trips in Year 7.
  4. The head of department is obliged to develop the skills of members of the department, through observation and training opportunities.
  5. By agreement of the department, the teaching of grammar is never to be shirked or avoided. Confidence in grammar will always breed confidence throughout the subject and, in turn, success.
  6. A French Day and a Reading competition are organised annually.
  7. Pupils in Years 7 & 8 have one oral lesson with a native French speaker. These are allocated to each set each week.
  8. The use of ICT is encouraged and, at times, it is expected that the pupils will use it independently with various tasks and projects, as well as with penpals in Year 4.
  9. In the senior years there is an expectation that pupils will do additional work to prepare themselves for a weekly vocabulary test.

Les enfants ont plus besoin de modèles que de critiques.

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